The Happily Haunted Homeschooling Housewife

“Start a blog, start a blog…” I hear the nagging voice in the back of my head, demanding over and over.  I’ve learned to listen to that voice.  You see, when I don’t listen to it, things go wrong.  Terribly wrong.

So yes.  My title alone is controversial as it sits.  Haunted.  Homeschool.  Housewife.  Three words that strike up the most heated of conversations.  Three words that cause normally polite, upstanding citizens to to tell you that you are WRONG, to your face, in a crowded restaurant, grocery store, or your own place of business.  To be just ONE of these three things is controversial, let alone all three.  But hey, I do my own thing.  So I’m writing this blog because the smack I hear about myself around my small town is amusing, outrageous, and (not gonna lie) hurtful.  So to those of you who give a damn to know what’s really in my head…here you go.

Haunted?  “Yeah, right.” I hear a lot of you say. I see you sneer. Point and giggle. Call me names. “That story is a hoax.” Well, tell it to Syfy, baby, along with the folks at Raw TV.  The hit show Paranormal Witness confirmed my story in the Episode “Lady on the Stairs.”  The story was originally told by two authors in a book called Haunted Travels of Michigan, Vol.2.  No hoax.  Still don’t believe me? Don’t really care.  If you don’t like hauntings or ghosts, this blog isn’t for you anyway.  I know the truth. I have worked in the paranormal field for the last few years,but have recently hung up my ghost hunting hat for good.  But I’ve seen some stuff.  Some stuff I cannot unsee. Past, present and future.

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Some still shots from our episode of Paranormal Witness, "Lady on the Stairs."

Some still shots from our episode of Paranormal Witness, “Lady on the Stairs.”

Homeschool? “Whaaaaaaa?  Are you super religious?”  “How will your child be socialized?”  “How can you stand being with your kid all day?”  Yes, these are things I hear on a constant basis.  Truth is…I LIKE being with my kid.  And I’m not one to go for that “It takes a village” junk.  I prefer the saying that goes “I’ve seen the village, and I don’t want it raising my child.”

Housewife?  “How can you degrade yourself?”  “You need a job!”  “You need a life!” “How can you just walk out on your responsibility of working at the antique shop?”  Well, housewife entails a lot of duties. My priority being my son and his education, along with the accounting of the antiques shop, decorating my antique booths at the shop as well as the front windows.  Did I mention my Etsy store, Etude 13?  Lets not forget to mention cooking, cleaning, shopping and all that other good stuff moms are expected to cheerfully do.  No,I do not work as a salesperson at the store any longer unless it’s an emergency, but I bet I still work better than full-time hours.  So the next person who walks up to me in the local Dollar General and says to me, “So, I hear you quit work?” is gonna get it.  Don’t do it.   Don’t you dare.

Hey wait, just one sec.  There’s a fourth “H” in there.  Happy.  I am finally, for the first time in my life, happy!  I have no skeletons in my closets.  No secrets to hide.  I don’t give a damn what anybody thinks.  I’m raising my son the way I want him to be raised.  I get to live in a dream world of buying and selling antiques and vintage goodies and treasures.  I have learned to accept the paranormal as is a huge part of my world, but I do not wish to keep reliving the nightmare my family endured.  Yes, the ghosts are around us.  No, they no longer scare us.  They surprise us sometimes.  Other times, theyjust make us laugh.  Some spirits come and go, and others constantly remain.  Paranormal is normal to the Hay family.

So welcome to our world.  Some days it’s all about chemistry and Abraham Lincoln. Other days it’s researching antiques.  Some days it being annoyed by that pesky, playful ghost that won’t go away.  We have good days full of fun and learning and bad days full of migraines and pains.  But one thing is certain, if the Hay family can survive demons, exorcism and public school, we can survive anything.

Still shot from our episode of Syfy's Paranormal Witness, "Lady on the Stairs"

Still shot from our episode of Syfy’s Paranormal Witness, “Lady on the Stairs”


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