Homeschool…It’s a Beautiful Thing

Days like these make me feel so blessed to homeschool. I can take my son, who is 11, with me to help out at the antique shop for a couple of hours this morning. He can help me put up Christmas decorations and then we can come home, have lunch and work on English. This evening after dinner we can do math. My family is no longer at the mercy of the schedule of the public school system. It was so frustrating for me when I was still working at the shop full time. The school would dictate what days we could have off, half days, what my child was learning, and then sending him home with boat loads of homework. Even in kindergarten! I’m all for education. I love learning. I just wondered what on earth these kids did all day to be sent home with so much homework at such a young age.

Not only were we overwhelmed by the excessive amount of homework, we were a bit upalled at the amount of propaganda being sent home. I’m not going to get all political (at least not in this post) but the one sided ideas being drilled into my kid’s head was upsetting me to no end. During election time my son would come home telling me about how wonderful Barak Obama is and how I should vote for him. When I questioned him on what he learned about the opposing candidate at the time, John McCain, he didn’t have a clue who he even was. Whether you lean right or left doesn’t mean a thing to me. Live and let live. What made me mad was the indoctrination of these little minds to think one way. Their way. Teach both sides. There is good and bad in both, and teach the children to HOW to think not WHAT to think.


School works well for many kids and families, and that’s awesome. However, it does not work well for us. My son is easily bored. When he was still in public school, he figured out that if he acted out in a negative way, he would be sent to the office or to a social worker where he would get to sit and talk to an adult. There would be candy. Bribery of gifts like fun dollar store toys or super cool pencils and erasers, if only he would just be a good boy and stop disrupting his class. These bobbles worked, but it was a temporary fix. Like putting duct tape on a leaky pipe. It will hold, but not for very long.

My husband and I were constantly being called in for meetings with his teachers, the social worker, the school shrink and the principal. I never understood why my son was able to do his work at home, but he refused to do it at school. I also didn’t understand that if he was performing so poorly, how was he getting B’s?

I had been interested in homeschool since I first found out I was pregnant. I got very little support, so I put him in school against my better judgement. I regret not starting him at home in kindergarten.

The straw that broke my back was during my last parent teacher conference. Our episode of Paranormal Witness on Syfy had just aired, and talk of it was fluttering all over the school. His 4th grade teacher proceeded to tell me that she was unable to watch the show because she couldn’t handle it. She also claimed that the other children were afraid of my son.

Why?” I questioned. “Is he talking to people who aren’t there? Is his head spinning around and is he spitting out green soup?”

“He wears skulls on his clothes,” was her reply. “The children are afraid because he tells them you are a ghost hunter. He talks about scary movies.”

Yes, I did work in the field of the paranormal for awhile, but seriously. That’s the best you got? Anyone with boys know that when you shop for clothes for them, you are hard pressed to find clothes without skulls or crosses or something like it. It’s the fashion. It’s everywhere My son did not dress any different than any other little boy in his class. What about the little boy in the same grade with the mohawk and combat boots? Did they tell that to his mom, too?

And as far as my being a ghost hunter goes, my son knew very little about that. I never shared details of cases with him. As far as he knew my life was like an episode of Scooby Doo. I worked as a paranormal investigator to try to understand our own haunting. Paranormal is very real in our world, and I was doing everything in my power to become educated about it so I could help my family.

Well, that was that. My life changed after that meeting. At first I was upset. I cried. I felt discriminated against. It was unfair. Now looking back, I thank Dr. What’s-her-Name for the cold, uncaring things she said. She convinced me to take back our freedom. To not be held down by the system. My son is excelling and learning at a faster pace than ever. And for the record, I asked many of the parents if their children were afraid of my son. Of all the parents I spoke to, none of them said their kids were afraid. In fact, most of them still stop by to visit or invite us over to play. Best part is that we all make sure we wear our skulls on our clothes when we get together.


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