The Happily Haunted Housewife

Ramblings and Rantings

“Start a blog, start a blog…” I hear the nagging voice in the back of my head, demanding over and over.  I’ve learned to listen to that voice.  You see, when I don’t listen to it, things go wrong.  Terribly wrong.

So yes.  My title alone is controversial as it sits.  Haunted.  Homeschool.  Housewife.  Three words that strike up the most heated of conversations.  Three words that cause normally polite, upstanding citizens to to tell you that you are WRONG, to your face, in a crowded restaurant, grocery store, or your own place of business.  To be just ONE of these three things is controversial, let alone all three.  But hey, I do my own thing.  So I’m writing this blog because the smack I hear about myself around my small town is amusing, outrageous, and (not gonna lie) hurtful.  So to those of you who give a damn to…

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