Beyond Paranormal Witness: Nathan Valentine

Syfy replayed the episode of “Lady on the Stairs,” on a Paranormal Witness marathon yesterday. I didn’t watch it again, but Laurie, (my best friend in the entire universe) did. We were texting back and forth about who and what is still hanging around my house. You know, ghost wise.

Well I can honestly say, I have not seen Teresa Stison, the key player of this haunting. Her story began around the turn of the century. She is no longer here in our house. It is my most sincere belief that she and her baby crossed to the other side the moment the secret of her molestation and shameful suffering was revealed to the world. She had unfinished business. Once her name was cleared, she was able to cross over.

Still shot from Syfy's Paranormal Witness.  Teresa Stison and her baby.

Still shot from Syfy’s Paranormal Witness. Teresa Stison and her baby.

Sadly, I do not feel the same relief for Nathan Valentine, the 8 year old boy who bravely testified in a court of law on Teresa’s behalf against the her uncle, Philip Stison, was a complete perv.  It was Nathan’s testimony that ultimately convicted Philip of molesting, impregnating and institutionalizing the beautiful young girl which led to the death of her and her baby. The conviction was overturned, being declared “heresay.” Philip fled to Canada and was never seen again.

Another Paranormal Witness still shot of Teresa with little Nathan Valentine.

Another Paranormal Witness still shot of Teresa with little Nathan Valentine.

I am told that Nathan’s death certificate simply said “laborer,” and that his life was most likely extremely unpleasant for such a little boy. He was emotionally attached to Teresa, almost looking to her as a mother. Teresa was quite possibly the only person who ever showed Nathan Valentine any kind of affection.

Often times, I would see the ghosts of Teresa holding her baby with Nathan beside her. Of course, at this time I didn’t know their names. I didn’t find out this family lived on my property until a thorough investigation had been done. Finding out these ghosts I was seeing actually existed and lived here over 100 years ago was both comforting and confusing.

But Nathan. He is still here. He is the one who makes Jesse’s Matchbox cars zoom across the floor on their own. He is the one who rolls small rocks and pebbles at us when we are out side. He enjoys playing with the lights and hiding our keys. He is the little boy who shows himself to me on holidays, dressed in his Easter Sunday best.

This isn't Nathan, but this is pretty darn close to how he looks in his Sunday best.

This isn’t Nathan, but this is pretty darn close to how he looks when he shows up for holidays in his Sunday best.

I’ve spent countless hours wondering and asking people who work in the paranormal field… Why does he stay? I’ve been given many theories by people in the paranormal community, but 3 theories are prevalent.

He is stuck here. He cannot cross over and I must bring in a holy person to guide little Nathan to the other side. Yes. That is a possibility. But those of you who know the entire story (as told in the book, Haunted Travels of MI Vol 2) will understand why a so called holy person will never enter my home for a crossing over, cleansing or even a discussion of any kind. That’s a story for another day, my friends.

He likes it here. I have a son. There’s another little boy here for him to play with. There’s lots of toys and he thinks I’m his mom. Is it possible to find this equally heartbreaking as I do creepy? Those who are of this opinion are usually of the opinion that it’s none of our business to get him to cross over. Accept him. Leave it alone and let God do the crossing.

It’s a demon. It’s a demon pretending to be a little boy who is trying to gain our acceptance so he can enter our home and wreak havoc on our lives. Being raised Baptist, my core beliefs tell me that that could be very true.  Again, a topic for another day.

I had to learn more about all this, so I dove into the world if the paranormal to learn as much as could so I figure this all out! I was on several ghost hunting teams. Drove all over the country like Leonard Nemoy…In Search Of. Guess what? I have more questions now than I did when I started.

My theory on little Nathan? Maybe he is waiting for his story to be told. How did he die? Why did he die so young? Was it a consequence of his testimony against his “master” Philip Stison? Where is his body buried?

All I want is a happy ever after.

All I want is a happy ever after.

These are all questions I’m determined to have answered. In the meantime, I do not think of Nathan as a demon. He is an 8 year old boy who will happily join us this holiday season, dressed in his best. We will welcome him with open arms until he is ready to go. I pray his secret will soon be revealed so he can end this journey on the long and winding road.  Surely, he will find peace in the light, beside Teresa for always.


4 thoughts on “Beyond Paranormal Witness: Nathan Valentine

  1. Kat Tedsen says:

    Hello, I’m the co-author of Haunted Travels of Michigan. The story SyFy “Paranormal Witness” produced was taken from the first story in our 2nd book. I enjoyed reading your blog post on this. I’d be curious to if Nate Valentine remains conected to the area.


    • Mari-Lynn Hay says:

      We do believe Nathan is here. We are pretty sure he goes with us to the store, too. He throws candy or toys at Jesse. It’s my opinion that Jesse is growing up and Nathan is still the same age, and Nathan gets frustrated. I’m glad you enjoyed this blog post. Thank you!


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