Exorcism Under the Warhol (Part 1)

I think most of us played those silly spooky games when we were kids. Games like “Stiff as a Board, Light as a Feather” and “Bloody Mary.”  I can remember standing in a pitch black bathroom calling out to Bloody Mary. Say her name three times and she was supposed to show herself in the mirror. That never did work for me. The only spooky game that ever did work for me?  The Ouija Board. The Ouija Board was right!  The Ouija told the future.  Seems innocent enough. You can buy them at Toys R Us. They even make cute pink ones for little girls.

Pink Ouija Board geared to sell to 8 year old girls.

I went to a very strict Baptist school. Literally everything was a sin. I started going to this school in 5 th grade, and when I got to about the 10 th grade, I had it!  I was over all the rules and restrictions. We had to sign a pledge at the beginning of every school year. A most ridiculous document making us vow to never go to the movies, dance, listen to rock and roll, even go to video arcades. ( It was the ’80’s. Going to the mall and hanging out at the arcade was all we had to do!). Teachers would threaten us. They’d try to tell us they were sitting outside of movie theatres every weekend and if they caught us going inside, we would face the wrath of God.

The giant Jesus sign that asks “Are you on the right road?” still sits outside the strict Baptist school i attended.

Going to a place everyday where you were told you were basically no better than shit, you start to look for ways to rebel. Me and my group of friends?  We chose to rebel by playing with the Ouija Board. What came next led me down a road of sex, drugs, rock n roll, and ultimately selling my soul to the Devil.


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