On Purple Rain and the Blue Meanies 

“Life is just a party and parties weren’t meant to last.”-Prince. 

With the passing away of genius rocker, Prince, social media has gone wild. One thing that cannot go unnoticed is the snarky and rude remarks about this man, his life and his music. Being rude to those who are saddened by this event is just a low blow. 

No, Prince did not come up with the cure for cancer or polio or any other disease.  His calling was different. God gave him the gift of creativity. God gave him the gift of music. God gave US the gift of music through him.

Our TV sets, phones and our computers are getting blown up with the news of his death. Why?  Because he touched lives. He was like nothing we had ever seen before.

It was the ’80’s and we didn’t have the Internet. We didn’t have the luxury to access any song or movie instantaneously. We had to sit and wait for the our favorite songs to come on MTV. (That was back in the olden days when MTV actually played music.). When Prince finally came on, my friends and I would frantically call each other. We all wanted to tape his videos on our VCR’s. 

We would go to the mall and hang out in the record stores for hours deciding what lp to buy. We never had to think twice when it came to buying Purple Rain.  Our parents hated Prince!  Darling Nikki?!?  Those of you who owned a copy of Purple Rain know who Nikki is. I often wonder what happened to the poster that came inside the Purple Rain vinyl record sleeve. I’m sure my mom disposed of it. 

As of right now, rumors are swirling about. He overdosed on opiates. He had a seizure. He had the flu. Truth is nobody knows. We may never know. I find it sad to hear rumors. Many of us are the victims of rumors, so be careful where you throw your stones. Karma is a bitch. 

Go ahead and and call Prince a “fag” or “talentless fancy boy.” Those of us who grew up with his music and dove into his music deeper know the extraordinary talent this man possessed. We listened beyond Little Red Corvette and 1999.  Lesser known songs like Seven and Diamonds and Pearls display his diversity. His piano skills were amazing as you can plainly hear for yourself on his lp Paisley Park. His guitar playing was impressive as hell. His wild wardrobe is what put the giant purple bow on the total rock star package.

If you actually knew Prince’s music, I highly doubt you’d be criticizing him. By criticizing him you insult all of us who were influenced by this man. His death may seem petty and unimportant for some. I find that tragically sad. Those who never took the time to give this man’s music a chance will never know the joy that was, and always will be, Prince Rogers Nelson. 


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