I’m Not Perfect, But I’m So Glad You Are

Do we all have people in our lives who think that their shit doesn’t stink?  I’m sure I am not the only person in the world who had to deal with someone who is never wrong, knows it all, and enjoys pointing all your flaws out one by one. Like a constant drip, drip, drip of a leaky faucet, these narcissistic individual’s are not only “perfect,” they also seem to be constantly unhappy. You could stand on your head and spit wooden nickels and they still would not be happy. 

What my question is…at what point do you stop trying to make these perfect people happy?  At what point do you scream “BITE ME!!!”and saunter away?  

How many of you have a person like this at your job?  How about a friend?  How many of you have a perfect person living in your household?  

The household perfectionist is the absolute worst. The laundry is never quite right. The way the dishes are stacked in the dish drainer…all wrong!  In fact everything is wrong from the way you clean the bathroom to horrible way you vacuum. 

Then, the said perfectionist quickly becomes the martyr. “No,no,” you hear them whine, “I’ll fix it.”  Often times I’m thinking “Fix what?!!?”  

I’ve recently learned to stop arguing with perfect people.  You’ll never live up to their standards because they are completely nuts and you will never be able to make them happy. Best advice is to block them out. If you have a person like this in your life whether it be your boss, your spouse or a long time friend, keep in mind that even if you’re doing it right, you’re still doing it wrong. 


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