Easter Resolutions

IMG_4264Did you make any New Year’s resolutions?  If you did, how’s that going for ya?  I skipped all that when 2017 graced us with it’s presence. I never keep those resolutions anyway. Let’s be real…making commitments to lose weight and exercise more in January?  Please!  I live in Michigan. January is hardly the right time to start a new, life changing regime.

For starters, it’s freezing outside. Going for walks outside aren’t even a viable option. Not only is it bitter cold at times, there’s ice, slush and it can be downright dangerous. Sure, you can take a yoga class or join a gym. You can get out your treadmill and vow to use it daily. That may work for some, but not me.  In my house, a treadmill would turn into a blanket rack or clothes closet in less than a week.IMG_4265

Then there’s the diet part. January is the worst month ever to start a diet. When it’s 10 degrees below freezing, a salad just won’t cut it. Chili, mashed potatoes and mac and cheese are what you need to get through the winter!  Chowing down comfort foods in your big comfy sweater is what you wanna do after a long day at work.  Unless you live close to the equator, dieting and exercise can be impossible. It’s impossible for me, anyway.

Today is Easter Sunday. It’s sunny, warm and beautiful outside. Today is the day for making resolutions!  Spring is here. Now is the time for exercise. The time for gardening, yard work, and long walks is here. I love going to Michigan state parks and hiking on the trails with my family and our dog. Swimming, tennis, even putt putt golf is good, fun exercise.

Then there’s the diet part. It’s so much easier to start a diet in the spring. It’s easier to get fresh fruits and veggies. They taste even better when you grow them yourself!  Even water tastes better in the summer. Yep. It’s time for Easter resolutions.

So today, I will enjoy the Easter candy, cookies and pie without guilt. I’ll treat myself today.  I’ll drink my last Pepsi and gladly eat my sisters yummy ham and potatos til I’m so full I’m busting a gut.  From now on, I’ll make my resolutions in April. Today I will eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow, I diet.


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